Kevin Tran


PhD Student, Sorbonne Université
LIP6, Team PolSys
PhD supervisor: Jérémy Berthomieu


Mail: Kevin[dot]Tran[at]lip6[dot]fr
26-00.338, 3rd floor
Sorbonne Université - LIP6
Letter Box 169
4 place Jussieu
75252 PARIS CEDEX 05


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À propos

Unfortunately, this is not the page of a famous namesake (for those who might have lost their way), but of a PhD student in Computer Science. This page is dedicated to my various duties as a PhD student.

The subject of my thesis:
October 2023: We are looking for an algorithm that computes the relation ideal of C-recursive, multi-indiced sequence. The algorithm has to compute a reduced Gröbner basis for the LEX ordering with quadratic complexity. In the future, we would like to extend the study of sparse FGLM and give a refined analysis on the non shape case. In particular for the 2-thick case, this study has to focus on the sparsity of the second multiplication matrix. More later, we hope to adapt our algorithm in the case of P-recursive sequence and on the changing order of Gröbner basis in skew polynomial ring.

List of the differents internships I made in PolSys Team:
March - August 2023: Improvement of the constant in the complexity analysis of the Extended Greatest Common Divisor algorithm (intership report).
May - June 2022: Implementation of subroutines (Basis, M-Basis and PM-basis) in C with Flint library. The code has been integrate to the library PML.

Topics of interest

My background

How did I end up here 🤷‍? The beginnings of an answer in my CV.